Guerlain Meteorites Perles: Light-Diffusing Perfecting Primer

November 7, 2008

I always had a thinking that Guerlain's Cosmetics is made specially for aunties.

And I didn't know I was one of them who falls head over heels slippers for their make up base. redface

*Picture from Sephora

They look gorgeous, dont you think so? My purse thinks otherwise though. mrgreen

I didn't expect to use this previously when I was in dilemma choosing a base between RMK and Guerlain. But I never regret choosing Guerlain, though.


At first glance, I was thinking, "Am I going to use one beads at a time?".

And when the SA tested that on the back of my palm, I was amazed by its fast absorbing effect.

Look at how cute the base is.
The liquid after the suction process. smile

It does gives a slight shimmery effect after it is applied. But not obvious.

This is what Sephora says on its web.
This gel formula is the first makeup base with pearls of light; it contains an exclusive, color-control base to camouflage blemishes and discoloration, and pearlescent extracts to capture and reflect light, blurring the appearance of fine lines without adding shine.

And it's ingredients if you are wondering.
MUB Ingredients

Overall review:
Guerlain's makeup base is really lightweight and it gives a luminous effect after it is applied. Because of its lightweight properties, it also absorbs into the skin almost instantly. However, I don't think it does help camouflage blemishes or help with discoloration of the skin, though.

The Price (as of August 08) : RM200

My Ratings:

Will I buy again?Yes! If I had the dough. :D

P/S: Guerlain also has its new limited edition of eyeshadow pallete called Ombre Éclat 4 Shades Eyeshadow Palette. Not sure if it's already in town, though.
Ombre Éclat 4 Shades Eyeshadow Palette
They sure had PRETTY expensive stuff around, huh? twisted


Tine said...

Hi Sue,

Just a note not related to the Guerlain post (although I'd have to say, the Ombre Éclat 4 Shades Eyeshadow Palette is just mouth-watering :p), I noticed on your reads that the feeds from my blog isn't updating on your blogroll. Would you mind deleting the feed, and updating it with the same one again? (
Yeah, I know it's the same one, but ever since I upgraded to Wordpress, the latest feeds just does not seem to be updated.


Sue said...

Thanks Tine, I've updated your feed. :D

J said...

Guerlain is always churning out ultra classy and pretty stuff!! I was really intrigued by this when i first saw it!! Looks like a really pretty product!!

thanks for the review! just wondering if it does help to make the makeup stay on longer? :D