DIY Make up Brush Holder

November 11, 2008

How do you actually store your brushes?

I was pretty impressed when I saw how Enkore did his Sephora-inspired DIY brush holder.

These are a few brush holders that inspired me even more to make my own brush holder.

By Tracy

By fafinettex3
Just look at her brushes! So many of them!
And mine. I think I will try to get myself a transparent 'vase' so that the fillers looks more interesting. LOL.

The beads or so-called fillers cost me RM15 for a bag of them (about 500g). Quite expensive stuff.
You can get them from any craft/beads/flower decoration store. I feel that by storing the brushes like this will prevent my brushes 'sleeping' together, and it looks neater too! Don't you think so? :)


Tine said...

I've been wanting to store my makeup brushes like that for ages, but I can't seem to find those so-called vase fillers here. Just beads alone would cost me a bomb in a vase. Plus there's that thing where I'm afraid the brushes are just going to collect dust if I were to put them out on my dresser rather than in the drawer. Sigh. Decisions decisions.

心。葵 @ plue said...

nice one! i have been thinking of doing something like this, but like Tine, worried of the dust >_<

J said...

Me 3!! India very dusty... hahaha! :P

But your brush holder is really pretty! very girly! :D

Sue said...

@Tine: Ya. Those beads are really expensive, I still don't understand why they are so expensive. -_-

@plue: We gotta work hard to clean those brushes to get rid of those icky dust. LOL. :)

@J: LOL. Thanks for the compliments. :P