Cleaning My Makeup Brushes with the Next Best Alternative: Neutrogena Cleanser

November 16, 2008

I always had the same routine on Sunday, which is washing and swirling my brushes away to prepare for the new "work week". mrgreen

Just wanted to share how do I go about them in case you are wondering.

I'll just share one of my regular brushes, which is MAC 187 Brush. FYI, I use them for my powder foundation (aka two-way cake), and no, I seldom use them for liquid foundation.

Here's the dirty lil' thing...
dirty lil brushes
Both regular 187 and 187SE are also used for powder foundation. One is for Chanel's and the other for ZA's. lol

Let's get em' do some work.
For cleaning, I don't use any magic brush cleaner. What I used is my ex-face-cleanser (which I don't use it now), Liquid Neutrogena Facial Cleanser. I did tried Johnson's baby shampoo before but they didn't work for the brushes, I think it only works for babies' hair. cool

First off, you got to take about 5cent (Malaysian coins) of the liquid and held it onto your palm. You might want to wet your hands first before getting the liquid onto your hand.

Next, I take my 187 brush and twirl (or swirl) them on my palm (where the liquid/facial cleanser is). I circle the brush clockwise until there's a soap form beneath it.

If your hands is too dry and the soap / bubble doesn't come out from it, you can add a few drops of water to enhance them.
cleaning process
Immediately you can see the "whitening" effect of it. Look how amazing my ex-cleanser takes away all those gooey foundation. twisted

Next, rinse off with water (I don't use any warm/luke warm water).

super clean

Several angles to view how clean my 187 is! (perasan a-bit, LOL)
It is advisable to gently squeeze off the water excess from the brushes before drying them. This can also help preventing the bristles from going outward.

Last but not least, I use my paper napkin to dry off the bristles and place them on my brush's "rest area".
rest area

Overall cost for my brush cleaning is less than RM20 for a bottle of Neutrogena liquid cleanser. And a bottle of it can actually last for more than half a year. biggrin

What say you question

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心。葵 @ plue said...

i use my cleansers/ hair shampoo :)

cleans really really well! ^_^