Current and Upcoming MAC collection

October 14, 2008

MAC Overrich is here!

These 8 pigment colors are selling at RM82 each. As of Oct, all colors has been sold out in Penang counters.
And also, their pigments are almost half filled, which only contains 4.2g instead of the normal 7.5g.

Formula of the pigments are indeed not the same compared to the previous pigment collection. They are more finely mild, and color payoffs are better as well. However, because they are too finely mild, you need to be "more focus" in handling them. :)
And upcoming collection of MAC -- Gold Fever!
Credits to Specktra.Net

and also Little Darlings (what a name! I wonder if they do come out with big Honey, LOL)
Credits to Specktra.Net

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