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October 14, 2008


About Moi.....
Firstly, I would like to introduce myself as Sue, which is part of my full name. =) I reckon' it is easier to remember and shorter to sign off my post (hee hee). BTW, I'm currently based in Penang, Malaysia.

About My Beauty Feeds.....
My Beauty Feeds is like a part of my diary where I write and snap pictures of beauty and cosmetic products. I am not a professional writer (so please excuse my "manglish") nor work in any beauty industry. I'm just a part-time blogger who is eager to learn and discover beauty products as I believed each of us do come across with"trial and error" experiments while finding the right product for our needs.

All my feeds are based on my personal experience and they may or may not work for everyone as I believed each of us are unique in our own way. =) The quality of my reviews are the same even for sponsored products and I will acknowledge them accordingly in my posts.

Adverts? Product Reviews? Workshops?.....
If would like me to review/advertise your products, feel free to mail me at info@mybeautyfeeds.com. However, it takes time to review these products thoroughly so I thank you in advance for your patience. =) But anyhow, I believed we can work something out from here.

Last but not least...
Feel free to pour in your comments/suggestions/opinions/questions to me as I'm more than happy to hear from you too! =D

Contact me at:

Thank you very much for reading everyone.

Much love with flying kisses <3

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