Tested Recipe : Lor Mai Kai and a little change of direction

September 25, 2013

Time flies! and yes, I'm getting way much older nowadays, and not experimenting much of the skincare stuff since I'm pretty much tired (preggie and due in Nov soon).

But speaking of food, I never get tired of it. lol. Blame it all because the priorities have changed and of coz, I've changed my blog title if you have noticed that above. Maybe I'll post some skincare stuff when I have the mood and guts to show my fat face. LOL.

Anyway, my intention of posting some of the recipes that I've tried is because I tend to forget how the outcome was after testing out some of the blogger's food recipes. In the end, I pretty much yield a not so good result since not all baking instruments behave the same way.

So here goes. My latest cooking result from Sonia's recipe for Lor Mai Kai (I pretty much crave for this whenever I see a dim sum shop but I try to limit myself since glutinous rice creates "wind").

Lor Mai Kai
Recipe from :Sonia @ Nasilemaklover

Additional remarks:
  • I made double batch of it and it made about almost 20.
  • I omitted the chinese sausage.
  • Salt I omitted but should replaced with additional 1 or 2 tbsp of soy sauce.
  • I did not use aluminium foil bowls (they are expensive! about RM1 each). I just used some bowls and cups (lol) for steaming purposes.
  • Shallot oil I did not follow but should have kept the shallot oil to be put into the rice before cooking. I fry mushroom + dried shrimps straight away hence the oil was "dried" up.
Overall, the taste was good and the rice was soft after steaming! =)

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