Nail Polishes: China Glaze Lubu Heels and Dorothy Who?

March 14, 2010

Okay, going to make this quick since these were my NOTD for last week. Now my nails are "naked" at the moment since I'm doing a lot of crazy house chores. >.<

As you might have seen my Ruby Pumps.. I actually got these colors as well.

NOTD: China Glaze Lubu Heels.

Another up close with my recent SkinMD Shielding Lotion. =)

It looked pretty "black" when painted on the nails. The texture feels like "watery" black paint. I did this for two coats, then only the glitters will show up. These has finer glitters than Ruby Pumps!

The consistency of this is watery, which is not the same texture as Ruby Pumps even though they are both from the same company. BTW, the color on the nail polish bottle shows red but I'm really curious why the nail polish turn out to be "black" when painted. -_-

And this lovely color was on my feet.

NOTD: China Glaze Dorothy Who?

Please excuse the funky application. LOL!

It was a tough one when painting the toe nails. >.< Or maybe I have a stiff backbone. :P
And I love love love this color! =) Maybe I should paint them on my finger nails. Super bling!!

ahhh.. sexy. (please ignore me. :P)

China Glaze Dorothy Who? is such a nice color! Totally recommend this if you are up for challenging colors! =)

The consistency is very similar to Ruby Pumps. Not runny and neither too thick. Just nice. These are applied with two coats. And it covers up the nails well. My Dorothy Who? still stays on nicely on my toes after 5 days of application! No chipping.

As for your question on where do I get China Glaze Polishes.. It's from Transdesign. =)

Another note about Lubu Heels and Dorothy Who? nail polishes, they are such a pain to remove! -_-
The glitters take some time to remove them off. >_<

But they do stay "longer" on the nails than those nail polishes without glitters.

Have you tried these yet? Do share some interesting colors if you have. I'm obsessed with them now. (help!!!)


Bunny said...

Those are really lovely colours! Good choice! I might want to go look for some China Glaze. :P

xin said...

nice! i have yet to try china glaze but am interested :P

i also have stiff backbone and very hard to apply nail color on toes. But what i usually do is using Q-tip dipped with remover to clean the excess polish off the toes :) so they look clean!

Ashley said...

ARGhhh.. they are so nice, especially the first one.

Just last week, I went for a shape nail + colour pedi for only RM12 so ONCE I actually got nice looking toes.

Bought some super bling nail colour similiar to yours, can't wait to paint mine on too!

gio said...

Those colors are both stunning!