Giveaway !! Skin MD Natural™ Face, Hand & Body Shielding Lotion

March 16, 2010

Yes. From the gracious SkinMD! :D Please give a round applause to them for sponsoring this!

If you don't have any idea on SkinMD Shielding Lotion, please read my review HERE.

Then I leave it to you to decide whether or not to join this giveaway.

See? Even the lotion is calling out to you. :P

Anyway, a giveaway is always bound with some rules. =D To join this giveaway, You MUST:-

#1. Be MyBeautyFeeds Follower
#2. Go to SkinMD website. Tell me the link of Shielding Lotion ingredients. (ie. http://xxxxxx.html)
#3. Tell me ONE ingredient from Skin MD Shielding Lotion from the link that you gave.
#4. Post your comment below this post and wait for the results. (One person One comment please.)

Easy? In short:-
Just be a follower and post the ingredient list link and one ingredient from the shielding lotion. =)

This package is definitely worth more than $18 of the value! SkinMD is willing to ship for FREE to your doorstep!

btw.. just a note for those who are wondering...

PS: Winners will be chosen randomly via