I'm Not a Doctor but I Dissect Them

February 27, 2010

Hee hee. An unofficial doctor, maybe? =)

You may have heard that people dissect their UDPP for more primer, but since I don't have UDPP, I dissect my tube cleanser. =)

*please excuse my fugly chipped nails. =)*

I have done this not only to my cleanser but also to my hair conditioners as well.

Don't waste them, even they cost just a few cents. =)

As for the cleanser, it's another product from Niu Er. I bought this many months (uhm..years maybe?) back and I think they have discontinued them since I don't see this cleanser anymore.

Product: Niu Er Advanced Hydrating Facial Cleansing Cream.

I can only do a quick review since I don't have much details of them anymore now. =)

Description in Chinese.

In tube.

Texture wise.

My thoughts:
This is a cream cleanser. Hence, don't expect to get foams/bubbles from this one.

I dislike the scent for this one as it has a strong creamy vit.E smell, just like those conventional moisturizer scent. However, this mild cleanser cleanse well and leave skin moisturized without feeling tight. I think this cleanser suits sensitive skin types as well. Anyway, if you still see this on their Payeasy website, do let me know (I might have overlooked them).

Til then, have a good weekend ahead people. =)


Lavender said...

I sometimes do the same to my moisturiser too

anna. said...

This is a smart idea! Can't believe I never do this hahas.

Khymm said...

thanks for the tip!