Gong Xi Fatt Chai !! =)

January 11, 2010

hahaha. I want to be the first one to greet this time! =) Oklah, just teasing anyway. lol.

I went for a second visit to Nail Hansen actually. And this time they did my nail color in gold color.. actually this was done on Christmas Eve in 2009, but then I thought it matches the CNY mood as well. =)

I did my Pedi too! Coz you know lah, their price is much more affordable if you did them both at the same time.

**Warning:Please do not consume food at this point of time. Ugly feet ahead xD **


Up close:

In dark grey color actually.. but not sure why it became black when I tried to captured flower design...

I did both Medicure + Pedicure for RM80. At Penang Queensbay's Nail Hansen (beside F.O.S).

Here's why I did it:
  1. I'm pretty bad at "maintaining" my nails. All these years, the only thing I did was only cutting and trimming my nails with a normal cheapo nail cutter (about RM1 at any supermarket). And also because of my "danceyfeet" (via wearing tight jazz & sport shoes), my toe nails (especially my big toe) became so rough until I can feel the "wrinkles" and "pathways" on the surface of the nail. After I had my first nail treatment, it became so smooth that the previous "wrinkles" are all gone. This is really true!!! =
  2. To eliminate ingrown nails and fungus. I know it's hard to "screw away" those fungus, but at least the nail experts can tell us how healthy our nails were. Also, I don't know how to file/cut my cuticles properly as well. I know some of these can be learn, but it's the "patience" that wears off easily on me. lol.
  3. I want pretty nail color so I can show off, especially when wearing flip flops and open-toe shoes. xD Again, this skill can be learn like some beauty bloggers out there.. but yours truly doesn't have a steady hand, and keep drawing "out of line". Or in another word - lazy. :P
I'm not saying I'm rich or trying showing off here, but sometimes we do pamper ourselves with our own likes. Talk about enjoyment and own "beauty time". :D

If only I have the determination to do my own nails, then I can sure say bye bye to the Nail Salons and save a lot of $$ here. =)


plue said...

they look very pretty! i have never done a mani/pedi before :P i think the ppl there will be sked of my super dry feet! >_<

nice design on the toe! me like! hehe~ i haven paint mine in ages...

Jenn said...

Very pretty!! I've always passed by Nail Hansen but never went in before (never done pedi or mani before too!!)!! hehehe!! :D

Ya i think it's ok to indulge in something we like once in a while! :D

Sue said...


LOL! Don't worry, my feets doesn't smell that great too! lol!!

Sue said...


Yeah! you should try since CNY is coming! another reason to pamper yourself! :D:D

hevn said...

Oooooo.. nice nice. I think they did a good job on your feet. My feet is so shameful, i don't think I can bring it for a pedi without them cursing at me for the lack of care XD

Sue said...

lol!! can lah.. my first time also same. XD

xin said...

love the flowers on the toes. but not the spermy around. LOL :P