Kate Gradical Eye & Dual Carat reviews

November 24, 2008

I believed Kate Cosmetics are widely known by all by now.

Kate has this collection of Gradical Eyes and Dual Carat collection in Year 2007, if I recalled them correctly. At that time, Kate was not brought in to Malaysia until mid of 2007.

This is Kate Dual Carat.

*credits from 4allbeauty.com

and I bought SV-1. The Shiny Silver combo.

This line of eye shadows was really pigmented compared to the other collection. The color payoffs are better than Gradical Eyes collection (refer below).

However, the powder are not as finely milled as the other collections and it was much chunkier and contains a lot of shimmers in it.
*below with flash (so shimmery,can!)

*below Without Flash

This is the Gradical Eyes Collection:

I also got the black-grey combo from them as well. (Hm, I didn't notice both of them are from the same color range at that time.)

The colors of this pallete doesn’t appear more pigmented than the above range. The cool thing about this pallete is that it also comes with an eyeliner color (the round shape shadow).

Here are the swatches:

Overall reviews:

I do find that Kate produces quite a good range of eye shadow palletes and the best part of it, they are affordable which is comparable to any other drugstore brands. They are also easily available in selected Watson/Guardian Stores and SASA.

However, I do recommend testing the product personally beforehand because I noticed that each range of Kate eyeshadows have different eyeshadow texture and different color payoffs.

Overall ratings:

(because of their inconsistency of eyeshadow texture & color payoffs).

Oh by the way, this is the new items from Kate that came out recently.
Kate Deep Eyes Collection, each retails at RM49

And its color range

*pic snapshot from nomorerules.net

And their Powder Gel Liner N. Retails at RM45.

And its colors! Sweet looking colors, eh?

So what are you waiting for? mrgreen

PS: Christmas & CNY is just around the corner, a good time and a good reason for shopping! lol


J said...

I agree, Kate eyeshadows are not very consistent... sometimes they can be very pigmented, sometimes they're quite blah. Better to test it out before using!

I wanna check out the gel liner though!! The colors look really nice!

心。葵 @ plue said...

bought all new 3 kate gel liners
and 2 of the deep trap :P
am buying more! LOL!