Fake eyelashes make you pretty!

October 23, 2008

Dont you just adore long lashes like Penelope Cruzs'

It is frustrating when our lashes won't grow a milimeter longer and it also makes our eyes look like puffy fish whenever there is no mascara on. -_-

Now now my friends, this is when false eyelashes come to save us, just like the cartoon series of Superman. :)

As the saying goes by the man behind Shu Uemura, "the eyes are the most expressive part of a women". Even the latest movie House Bunny emphasized importance of our eyes with the statement "The eyes are the nipple of the face". If you don't get it, do check out this movie. :)

Anyway, the false lashes that I love most is those natural and soft kind of lashes.

Like this.

You can actually get them online from beauty stores such as Fiobeauty. I think you can also get these natural-link falsies at your nearest Sasa shop too.

Nevertheless, Shu Uemura and MAC do have pretty falsies to sell too. A pair of false lashes from them usually cost from RM38 per pair up to RM100.

Shu's Pretty Lashes with Diamante~

MAC's 7 Lash~

Anyway, here's a comparison to show my naked eye (without falsies) and with falsies(my makeup done by Estee Lauder).

Falsies used is similar to this

Look how much changes it does to our look? So, what are you waiting for?

Head down to your makeup store and grab one now! :)

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