Bye bye 2011!!

December 30, 2011

Hello fellow earthlings .. :D

It's been 8 months already, I know! :D

Here's my little *notty, minnie-like, santarina* of 8.5 months. (All my time is used to serve my little Queenie).

I just want to drop by and say hello actually and a quick wrap up of 2011.

Many ups and downs. We have an additional member (The queen) and also lost two members (my MIL and grandma at the same time - had a major emo time since this was a consecutive event).

Work has been killing me, quite badly.. bruises everywhere with blood sucked dry. LOL.

And not to mention my face.. is getting ... pretty "Fancy" .. :x

But I'm looking forward for a better year in 2012! So happy new year everyone and see you next year! =)

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