Two O Wan Wan... Here I come!

January 3, 2011

Happy New Year! (I know I'm always late, keke!)

Time sure flies! Looking back to 2010, I haven't been blogging that much.

Total Blogpost: 56 (2010) vs 60 (2009). WTH! lol!

But still, I absolutely love my 2010.

Had many many changes, including my job, my life, my family. And also, a huge 4 digit credit card debt that I never expect to hit on! hehe. So, let's hope a better financial planning this year! *crossing my fingers*

Out of the 12 months, December was one of my favourite month where I :-
  • Travel to Seoul with my family
  • Experienced Kimchi!
  • Brought back extra 8kg of stuff.....
........ xoxo.... :D 1 bag go, 3 bags back.... 

And went crazy shopping with my mom (final countdown of shopping!)

this was only partial of our haul though ... keke...

I'm definitely am happy with my 2010 and would expect my 2011 to be merrier!
And YES, more blog post too, I hope! xD

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hevn said...

Wheeee welcome back and dang, you went Korea! I wanna see your haul XD