Barbie Brown Contact Lens Review

August 23, 2010

Warning: This review is based on my own personal opinions. Lenses are bought from my own $$ and not from any sponsors. Please buy lenses on your own risks!

So here we go again, I'm always on an impulse when buying things. I've bought a few colored lenses before but truthfully speaking, I'm not a constant contact lens wearer. I only wore them occasionally when I'm going for my gym classes. I'm still a specky gurl yo~ =)

Anyway, I got this Barbie Brown Colored lenses out of the blue, due to my impulse buying habit.

Here's how it looks like.

I'm not too sure about it's origin but from the seller's website (scroll below), it is from Korea.

The description on the side:-

Let me show you the actual promo pic gotten from here:-

The design:-

Removing from it's orginal bottle:-

*on the left is the contact lens case that comes for free from the seller*.

Let's see how it fits on me. =)

*with flash*. =)

A comparison:-

Left : Barbie Brown
Right: None

Quite a difference right?

Before I go on to my thoughts, here's the product details:-
Product        : Barbie Brown
Measurement: 15.8mm
Origin           : Korea
Price             : RM33 (excluding shipment)
Where I bought them: JBtalks forum
My thoughts:-
These lenses are very soft. Much softer than I bought from Geo branded ones (sorry, couldn't review them since I've thrown them out already). Water content was okay. I didn't wear them for 8 long hours, I only wore them 4 hours the most. I find them still okay after 4 hours. No blurriness for me but I find them a little hard to get use to it at the first time. This is because the lens couldn't "sit" properly and I felt that it's a little pokey at first. However, a little eye make up is suggested if you wanted to wear these "big eye" effect lenses. This is because it would look a little ackward by wearing them alone. But it's up to personal preference though, I wear them by itself without any eye makeup to the gym! =)

Overall, it's quite a comfy pair of lenses. I already wore them numerous times for gym workouts. I would also recommend changing these lenses after half a year (even though this lenses can wore up to one year, better safe than sorry right?).

So that's about it for those who have been wondering about them for a while. =)

Have a good start of the week people!


Slowbrogal said...

Your eyes like baby doll~~so nice~~


hevn said...

O.O!!! How on earth I manage to miss this post of yours is beyond me! I am subscribed to your blog and somehow I missed it?! Here I was wondering if I should send you an sms to ask you if you're okay since you have not posted in a while and it was actually because the stupiiiid blog (blames the blog management endlessly) did not show that you had any new post. Sheesh!

But anyway I'm happy to see new post. Looks good on you :D But why laaaaa... now I'm so tempted to get my contact lenses and I can't because my eyes are still unstable..


hevn said...

Sueee.. I really miss your posts, hope everything's okay with you. I'm really sorry to hear about your grandma tho, *hugs*