Skincology EGF Cell Regenerating Serum E.G.F.+山藥活齡精華液

March 9, 2010

Don't the name of this product sounds really professional?

BTW, EGF means Epidermis Growth Factor.

And this is the product, again from Skincology (Niu Er).

I haven't tried all of their serum range yet, but will get there someday! LOL!

Here's the promo pics from Payeasy's website.

And the actual product that you'll be getting:

See the serum color? It' a little reddish.. but not as in bloody red color.

But the bottle does scare me a little when I first got it.

The bottle packaging.

Descriptions on the bottle.

And in English.

It says:
Amazing facial moisturizing renewal complex contains human EGF. Aging skin loses its ability to rejuvenate as quickly as adolescent skin. EGF stimulates skin cells to revert to their active renewal pattern. By using this serum twice daily over a 4-6 week period, the skin returns to its youthful clarity and translucence with increased firmness.
Price: RM55 ~ RM58 from Fiobeauty @ last year (540NT from Payeasy) for 30ml

My thoughts:
I think this is an okay product. When I first tried this serum, the smell was a little hard to tolerate. It smells like those "Chinese Herbs" mix with raw vegetable kinda scent. -_- Kinda putting me off a bit for the first few days but now my nose is already immune to it. :P

Other than that, this serum feels light (runny texture) and absorb quickly into the skin. Also, i can see it does help lighten (very little!) some old pimple spots of mine. My skin also felt somewhat "matte" and it seems to control oil for some period of time. :)

I didn't much felt the "firmness" or "more youthful" as described in the product description. But overall, it is an okay product despite it feels very "lightweight" on my skin. :)

The ingredients.

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