My Love for Seoul!

December 20, 2010

Yes! I went for a honeyfamilymoon 2 weeks ago and damn, it was so good! :D

And my my, I did experience my first snow experience there! xD

BTW, did I tell you the food there was insane?! I don't really fancy kimchi until it was literally served in every meal.. and it does taste much better there than the local Korean restaurants here (that I've tried) in the island. :P

Here's some food pics that I've capture during my one-week stay there..

* on the left above: - if you are wondering what the soup was, it was ginseng soup with chicken*
* on the right above: - yummy steamed dumpling, we queued for almost half an hour outside the restaurant. It was freezing cold that day. *

Now here's the meal that we loveeee the most!

* BBQ * yumz! The soup based one was also nice, especially during the cold winter!

Some food stuff that we bought...
Do you know the strawberries selling in Seoul were big and tasty too? But not cheap though..
The luncheon meat pack is also one of our fav! One small pack for almost RM9!

So where's my haul?!

...... I just couldn't leave Seoul empty handed! .... hahaha....

I went insane... and all I know is that I have to get in to every beauty/cosmetic store especially when I was at Myeongdong!

Tony Moly, Baviphat, Innisfree, Banila co. , Aritaum.. Holika holika, and even Etude house looks irrisistable....................!!!

I know Baviphat and Tony Moly is in Malaysia but there's none in Penang. So a good reason to buy! haha!
BTW, it is so nice to shop in Holika Holika too! The Sales Assistants there were very helpful. And some of them do speak Chinese and English. :D

When you have all the help from the SA, it's even easier to shop! LOL!

Spot my Emprani! heh! I couldn't resist it when I saw the packaging. -_-
Emprani doesn't have a shop like the rest of the brand does, it's available in Olive Young (if I'm not mistaken).
See the Laneige Sleeping mask above?! Not all mine! But still... have to carry them back since some friend requested them! xD I got Iope skincare instead. :D

Last but not least, here's some pictures for some giggles. kekeke.

Got the chance to try these traditional outfit for I think 2,000 won (if i'm not mistaken...).
*I'm a palace guard with a *peace* sign.* lol! (No charge for the palace guard outfit.. it's Free for those who visit Gyeongbokgung palace)

Anyway, that's all for now! Have a good start of the week people! :D

Err, Yum?

December 14, 2010

It looks like some kind of biscuit or bread right? haha.

But it's not!

Actually, I'm just posting this for fun since I haven't really prepared anything to review on. :P

Anyway, this is actually....

A sponge cover. =P

My sponge cover for my foundation got "exhausted".. so finally I gave in and changed them! (I'm lazy I know, can't help it leh..)

*hee hee*

And so, here's the new cover for my baby foundation! xD like finally. heh!

Do anyone changes their sponge regularly? I used to use my powder brush but I'm too lazy to buff them properly, so sponge is a shortcut for me! =P

ps: will post on my crazy haul soon!

Nature Republic Aqua Sunblock Cream SPF 35 PA++ Review

December 1, 2010

Does anyone miss me? hehe. Apologized for the longgggggg hiatus.

Anyway, I guess most of the people would know about Nature Republic for now. I wasn't really attract to it at first since I'm a bit skeptical on Korean beauty products (well, don't ask why. It's a long story.)

So, the curious me went to their shop during their some-what grand-opening in Queensbaymall and got some of their stuffs. And this was one of them....

The box that comes with it.

The information that you would get from the box...

I'm still wondering what is "MD water". mountain dew water? keke.

What I like about is that the bottle is quite sturdy by itself. You can easily handle the sunblock without messing it up at the pump because you will need some "pressure" to actually pressed the cream out from the bottle.

The sunblock texture. More like liquid than cream to me.

When spreaded onto the skin.

Price: About RM39+  for 65ml (Correct me if I'm wrong, I tried to find the price at the shop but it seems that it was out of stock at the moment in Queensbaymall. =\)

My thoughts:
The SA there recommended me that this was one of their "HIT" products, and she suggested this sunblock to those who doesn't like "oily-type" of sunblock.
At first, I wasn't used to the sunblock as I thought it was still a little too "creamy" than my "ex-sunblocks" that I have. It took me a few days to get used to the texture and now I'm quite satisfied with them.

Texture wise, don't expect it to be a runny type of liquid. It has a very very faint fragrance to it as well. Very very slight shimmers, and no grey/white cast to it. Also, it takes about a rough 1-2 minutes for it to settle down onto my skin. On a side note, it does not have any "oily" feel to it and I would feel that this sunblock would suit normal/combi/oily skin people. =)

Would I re-purchase them?
Maybe. But I would prefer a more liquid type of sunblock.

Here's the ingredient list that is stated behind the box.

So, what's your take on Nature Republic products?

BTW, Rain (Korean singer/actor) is the ambassador for this brand. I will show you how their paper bags look like the next time. :P